Making America Fail Again

My father was a complicated man. We like to believe that who we are is shaped by the collection of a thousand experiences over time, and while I am sure there was much that made the man, there were but two that consumed him. His father abandoned him as a child, and his mother diedContinue reading “Making America Fail Again”

Review: Listening to the Movement

Thomas Levy* Retrieved from The International Journal of Restorative Justice 2022 vol. 5(1) pp. 123-125 123 doi: 10.5553/TIJRJ.000112 BOOK REVIEW Ted Lewis and Carl Stauffer, Listening to the movement. Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, 2020, 214 pp., ISBN 978-1-5326-4741-3 (pbk). A particular type of hypocrisy lies at the underbelly of almost every significant shift in geopolitical,Continue reading “Review: Listening to the Movement”